Recruitment Virtual Assistants We save Recruiters time by connecting them with staff experienced in the following: ..?

We Make Outsourcing Easy for Small to Medium Sized Businesses.

As a recruiter, you are spending countless hours doing necessary but low value tasks such as research, formatting CV’s, setting up appointments and so-on. Imagine all of the extra business you could get and time you could save if you had someone doing this all for you. By hiring a Recruitment Assistant through Virtual Coworker, you are getting an experienced professional dedicated to helping you on a daily basis. They may be stationed in a different country, but they will be your full-time staff member and will work for you on whatever tasks you need accomplished. With technology these days making remote collaboration an easy and seamless process, there is a world of opportunity offshore to be taken advantage of. You are able to hire a dedicated staff. We can genuinely help recruit you a rockstar Virtual Assistant who has all the tools and recruitment background to help you run the back office of your business.

Countless recruiters are spending multiple hours each day on tasks that could be delegated to a Virtual Assistant. By handing off these tasks to your personal Virtual Assistant, you will have those extra hours in the day to focus on growing your business and spending more time with your family. Hiring someone who works remotely,can be very daunting. With Virtual Coworker, you are in good hands. We make outsourcing easy by taking your job description and doing a custom recruitment process to find staff who tailor-fit your needs. Our recruitment team on the ground sources, screens and interviews each potential candidate before you even see their CV! We test their internet, do reference checks into previous employment, and make sure they speak perfect English. You get the final say on who to hire and we then set them up on our payroll system and time-tracking software! Contact us today to find more about how a Recruitment Virtual Assistant can help save you time, money, and stress!

We save Recruiters time by connecting them with staff experienced in the following:

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